You’re doing it wrong, alt text and title attributes

I had moved my mouse over an image on a local bank’s web site, and was surprised to see the name of the file pop-up.


The reason is that their web developer apparently doesn’t understand the meaning or intention behind the alt or title attribute of an HTML element.

Not that it isn’t handy to know the name of the file…. Smile

Maybe they could have used:

  • Passionate bank web site user
  • Man with loose tie
  • Man having good hair day
  • Or …. ?

(I noticed that they have this problem in many areas of their web site. Maybe their Banking skills are better than their web site skills?)

Captcha, gone wrong

On a Google site this morning, Captcha:


As I have a US English keyboard – I was unable to type the first word. (Anyone know what language that is? I thought Greek at first, but the “n” didn’t make sense.)

I then proceeded to skip through 8 more captcha’s before I found one I could actually recognize. Sigh.